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Bootcamp" is a 10 week training program to make the Football Obsessed Teen a noticeably better player. Harnessing the coaching techniques of top-coach Jens Bangber, the 60 films were available online and downloadable to your mobile phone. The program was launched in 26 different languages, each with a specifically chosen "voice of the coach". Managing such a vast amount of content (1560 films), whilst ensuring they were still of a premium quality was a challenge that through creative planning was overcome. The films were shot on the Red Camera in Barcelona and edited in house at AKQA on a limited budget. Sitting around the training site is the "Nike Blog", a creative way of tying in latest product launches, and refreshing the site with constant fresh content, this was a managed team of 2 self shooting director/editors who were tasked with shooting 2 stories a week.

I was the lead Flash/Flex/ActionScript developer on this project.

Case study video
Nike Bootcamp Flex app
Nike Bootcamp Flex app