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John Lewis' Oxford Street flaghip store has dressed its shop windows for the festive season along the theme of Buster's tale, and are making passers-by stop, smile and take a few snaps.

This year, however, John Lewis has added an extra element to the fun with a virtual reality zone where you can experience being right in the middle of Buster's garden.

Using a headset, you step on a real trampoline and have the chance to pet foxes and honey badgers as they come along for a bounce.

Rozengain took care of inserting the user into a take away video using a Kinect. The user is detected and isolated from the background and merged into the virtual surroundings. The video is then uploaded and a share link is generated & printed out.

The Virtual Reality installation at John Lewis Oxford Street in London
The Virtual Reality trampoline
The take away video with the Kinect cutout
A printout with the take away video url