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Dara Technologies develop books that enable children to interact with stories in ways never before imagined. Thanks to their app, children become the storytellers of their own adventure by interacting with 3D characters that appear on its pages.

At several points in the book decisions can be made that influence the story, unlocking different adventures in the app. For example, you can choose what era you visit, what inventions you make or what objects you take with you on your journey. All these decisions are made by interacting with the animated 3D characters and objects that magically pop out of the pages of the book when you hover your mobile device over its pages.

I modelled the 3D characters, rigged them, animated them and I built the Augmented Reality app for iOS and Android.

The augmented reality app that accomponied the book
The Time Tub Twins, Robo Dog and the Time Tub. We modelled and animated the 3D characters and used them in the app and rendered many images that were used in their social media campaign.
The wonderful book cover was illustrated by the talented Valentina Mendicino
Kids having fun with the Augmented Reality app