3D Development

We have broad experience of delivering engaging 3D apps, websites and digital installations. We can target a range of platforms like iOS, Android, OSX and Windows and use the most cutting-edge technology to develop the best product possible for your client.

3D Modelling

A 3D experience should run as smooth as possible. It is essential that 3D content is optimised for the target platform. We have many years of experience creating beautiful optimised 3D models and optimising existing ones. We are capable of modelling, texturing, animating and compositing.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality offers a brand new experience that allows your audience to experience a product in a much more engaging way. Getting all the factors right is not trivial but key to a smooth Virtual Reality experience. Our experts have a deep understanding of what is involved to create the perfect Virtual Reality journey for you.

Augmented Reality

We are really passionate about Augmented Reality. We use facial tracking, image recognition, planar surface tracking and other cutting-edge technologies to create the best experience possible. Augmented Reality is a powerful technology that has often been used as a gimmick but we believe it can create a meaningful experience when used right.

Depth Sensing

We have been tinkering with depth sensing cameras ever since the first Kinect came out. Although originally intended for gaming we have always been more interested in exploring its other uses like advertising, sports and Augmented Reality. Depth sensing cameras have become much smaller over the years and they're now integrated into tablets and mobile phones. Rajawali, our open source 3D library for Android has been integrated in Project Tango, Google's official depth sensing API.